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Dr. Neetinder provided many valuable insights that were both relatable and highly impactful. She gives very real examples of what is going on at the operational level, and shows great understanding on how to think differently and execute successfully. Her focus on people and leadership plays a vital role in understanding how to strategically tackle common issues faced in corporate, and provides vital insight on how to manage a successful team.
Charles Wonsono
Strategy and Business Effectiveness Senior General Manager
It was a great webinar! Although the session given was only 1 hour long, the messages and the key information echoed through-out the 2 day workshop. Even from an online setting, dr. Neetinder was able to leave a lasting impression on the team, and gave some much needed refresher on how to change our mindset to be success driven instead of problem driven
Devina Christi Setiawan
HC Operations and Services Senior General Manager
Large thanks to dr. Neetinder for an amazing webinar session. I had the honor to get to know dr. Neetinder in the brief sessions before the webinar and her ability to assess the needs and the opportunities in a innovative way was impressive. Seeing her engage with the team shows her strong passion towards impacting others positively. Definitely tuning in for future sessions!
Yorin Anggari
Project Management Officer

It starts with a meaningful conversation

Transformation begins with a meaningful conversation – a space where insights are ignited and possibilities unfold.

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