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Foundational one-on-One Coaching

One – on – One coaching to develop your powerful personality.

Find your Purpose, cultivate your Power, claim your Place.

This is a 6 week, one -on -one program designed to help you understand how your self-image creates controls your life. Be they issues of profession, business, relationship , health or just how you feel every day, these 6 weeks are customized to your requirement. Time to live by design and not by default. .Book A Session
What is the program

Your personality, your personal reality, is a reflection of your self image.
Your self-image is your boundary- it is as far as you can go. You are limited by the negative ideas that exist in your head about yourself and greatly emboldened by the positive ones.

Hence it makes perfect sense to know the true self-image you hold of yourself in your mind – not the one you put out to the world, before you embark on making changes outside of you.

This program reveals to you how your current self-image is creating your current reality and how the desired shift in reality requires a shift in personality.

Why One -on -One Coaching

  • One on one sessions allow me to focus on your situation and identify your blocks.
  • The sessions offer you a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space to freely discuss your desires and concerns.
  • We concentrate on 1-2 life situations and create a customized goal and action plan.
  • You get insights, tips and tools that are customized to your personal/ professional situations.

How It Works

We discuss the situation that is your biggest current challenge. Study your current self-image. We understand your current response and the mental make up behind the response, uncover existing limiting beliefs and counterproductive actions and reactions. Create your new self-image. We create a goal – the desired outcome, and work on the thought process, habits and actions that you need to cultivate to get there. We work on putting the new beliefs and actions into practice, with weekly accountability.

What You Get

6 one on one weekly sessions of one hour each Incisive and action inducing worksheets for every session. A step-by-step process of understanding the co relation between an unfavorable life situation and its connect to an existing self-image A set of simple yet powerful tools and daily practices for the cultivation of your new self-image. A daily accountability practice. Video & audio recordings of the sessions Feel the need for more clarity, book a call …

It starts with a meaningful conversation

Transformation begins with a meaningful conversation – a space where insights are ignited and possibilities unfold.

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