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Working hard but not seeing the results you want? It’s time to ACCELERATE the results. Change your game now. Move with Clarity and Confidence and Create Your Reality.

Working hard but not seeing the results you want? It’s time to ACCELERATE the results. Change your game now. Move with Clarity and Confidence and Create Your Reality.

  • You should attend if:
  • ✓ Life feels like a struggle, it feels hard
  • ✓ Career & business growth is slow and unrewarding.
  • ✓ The money comes in but doesn’t seem to stay or grow.
  • ✓ You have tried making changes earlier but they didn’t work.
  • ✓ The stress is affecting your health and relationships.
  • ✓ You want massive success in your business/career.
  • ✓ You want to achieve more with less struggle.
  • ✓ You want to remove burnout, stress and lack of time from your life.
  • ✓ You want to accelerate your results.
  • ✓ You want to stop compromising & have SUCCESS WITH HAPPINESS.

Chances are you are actively, unknowingly manifesting what you don’t want. CHANGE THAT !
Learn the laws of Scientific Manifestation to create the results you want

These 3 days will show you the What, Why & How :

What do you want:

  • what are you really asking for? Are your thoughts and actions aligned? Do you believe you can achieve it or are you afraid you may not? How long have you been feeling stuck?

Why are you not getting it:

  • What thought 7 work patterns are blocking your growth? Why do you continue to do things that you know are not getting results. How to take the steps you know you should.

How to get to where you want:

  • How to rewire your mind to remove worry, doubt and fear? Why positive thinking alone does not create positive action. 3 foolproof steps to get results.

What is scientific manifestation:

  • It is how you can use your mind to create what you want. It is sowing what you want to reap. It is understanding what ‘not to do. I will tell you the 4 basic steps of manifestation

After This Masterclass You Will:
  • ✓ have a brand new understanding of what gets results.
  • ✓ stop getting in your own way.
  • ✓ stop worrying about other people and circumstances.
  • ✓ stop over working your mind
  • ✓ immediately know when you are focusing on the wrong thing.
  • ✓ stop creating what you don’t want.
  • ✓ create the shortest , simplest process of Thought ,Feelings and Actions that will get you the results you want.

Know your mentor

Hi, I am Dr. Neetinder Brar, Transformational Business, Leadership and Life Coach, Speaker, Corporate Healthcare Leader and Doctor.

My aim is to help you become aware of your own potential, the workings of your mind and your ability to harness the laws of the universe, to transform your dreams and goals into your reality .

I was once told “Tell me what you want, and I’ll show you how to get it.”
This changed my life, and now I say the same to you.

This because success is no secret. It is based on clear rules that can be implemented step by step. Life was not meant to be a struggle. We make it so by wrong thought.
Change your thinking & change your life. It’s a fact.

I worked for more than 20 years in corporate leadership roles, using the power of focused thought and acting in the certain way to achieve every desired growth, professional and personal. Subsequently I worked with the best of the best, had fantastic financial growth, moved to countries I desired, healed health conditions, strengthened important relationships, got my kids to top educational institutes worldwide and live the life I/we desired.And at the very top of my corporate career, I moved out to empower all those who desire more but feel stuck and overwhelmed, so that you may live to your

full potiential I use the exact same process for you to create a life of time and financial freedom as I used for myself. For years now, I have been supporting men and women in achieving extraordinary success in their careers and businesses whilst strengthening their personal lives.

If you are someone who wants more from life, but isn’t sure how to get it, I invite you to explore this path which has helped countless people achieve goals they never dreamt were possible !

And now I want to help YOU too!

We are on a mission to show people how to break free from the burnout, the relentless hustle, and to make success easy.
Are you IN?
Join hundreds of participants who have gotten rid of their blocks and achieved success in life on their own terms!
16th April -18th April, 2024, LIVE at 5PM Dubai time

(Recordings will be available if you can’t attend live!)

A Change Of Mindset Is
A Change Of Destiny.

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