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There is a science of getting rich and anyone can do it. Indeed it is your right
to be rich and your life will be incomplete without it.
Wallace. D. Wattles

  • Wealth Mastery Mindset
  • 📌 Everyone desires wealth and yet most people are intimidated by it and very few believe that they can have it in abundance.
  • 📌 Wealth, Prosperity is not an outcome of your job or business.
  • 📌 It is an outcome of your Mindset.
  • 📌 Money comes to you through your job or business, but not from it.
  • 📌 It comes to you from your Mindset around wealth.
  • 📌 That’s why different people doing similar works earn largely different amounts of money.
  • 📌 Do you find yourself wondering how the wealthy create their wealth… what is that they know that you don’t?
  • 📌 How maybe someone not very ‘qualified’ in technical terms, often earns a lot more than the a ‘qualified’ person, and why ‘knowledge’ and ‘hard work’ don’t always equal prosperity?
  • 📌 In reality, the wealthy are just following a process. A certain way of thinking and acting.

It’s still just Feb, you still have 11 months to create the right blueprint for the year.
  • 📌 If you are working hard but not creating the wealth you desire, it’s imperative that you examine your approach.
  • 📌 How you set your wealth goals, are they taking you where you want to go? Do you actually set goals, written out on paper? If not, you are not going anywhere.
  • 📌 Join me for 4 days and chart out a clear roadmap to make 2024 the year that took things to whole new level for you: in prosperity and in peace while earning it.
26th -29th Feb.

🎯Day 1 : What is your current relationship with money?

Are you settling because of past experiences?
Stop playing small. Let’s see how far you can go with the renewed consciousness. Learn not only to set goals that actually make a difference to you and your loved ones, but also get the confidence that they are possible for you.

🎯Day 2: Your limiting beliefs and identity around wealth.

What are your beliefs around creating money?
How hard do you need to work?
How many hours?
How much do you think you can earn?
Do you enjoy what you are doing?
Can you be rich?
Let’s uncover where all you hold yourself back. There are things you must learn how to do, but there many that you must learn not to do! And 95% sit in your mind.

🎯Day 3: What new beliefs and actions can you cultivate to grow your wealth, your business, your career?

How can you be more open to opportunity and less inclined to resist and repel it?
What is the one thing you must do everyday to open up new doors.
Let’s create a new story. To get a different result you must make a different effort.

💫This year, make the change and change the story of your relationship with wealth.

🎯Day 4: Fear , Decision & Action towards creating wealth. Staying stuck vs moving on

Currently what limits you and what supports you ?
What do you need to build? Where do you need to invest?
What is a calculated risk? How do you prioritise wealth creation?
The personal vs professional growth myth.
Time! Yes I want to Enhance my wealth.
💎Don’t miss this opportunity to absolutely redefine the way you create wealth. These 3 days will change your money story forever.
Wealth is a Mindset.
Your Money comes to you through your job/business but not from it.
It comes from the way your mind is conditioned around money.
Join us for 👇
And change your money story!

What you will experience in the Masterclass.
  • 📌 4 Days of transformational live online teaching.
  • 📌 Worksheets to implement the learning.
  • 📌 Replay recordings of all the sessions for one week.
  • 📌 The opportunity to book a FREE, 30 min 1-on-1 call with Dr Neetinder Brar!

This Master Class is for those who are determined to take their business/career and life to the next level, for those who no longer wish to play small.

Join Now!

Are You Ready to create your Wealth Mastery Mindset

Don’t miss this chance to redesign your Mindset around Wealth, cut out the stress and emerge as the architect of your Money story.
Wealth Mastery Mindset is not just a workshop; it’s the foundation of a complete transformation of your relationship with money. Secure your spot now and decide to create the money you need to live the life you want.

Yes, I want to have the Wealth Mastery Mindset.

Embark On A Transformative Journey With Like-Minded Individuals In Wealth Mastery Mindset
“There is a SCIENCE of GETTING RICH and it is an exact science. I Invite you to learn this science and create LASTING WEALTH with EASY”
About Me
I am Dr. Neetinder Brar, transformational Business, Leadership and Life Coach with over 2 decades of Senior leadership experience
My mission is to expand your consciousness and teach you how to transform your dreams and aspirations into tangible reality using the reliable and immutable laws of the universe.
My mentor, Bob Proctor, used to say: “Tell me what you want, and I’ll show you how to get it.”
This because success is no secret. Success is based on clear rules that can be implemented step by step. For years now, we have been supporting men and women in their pursuit of personal and professional success.
I worked for more than 20 years in senior leadership roles ever since 2013, I have used the power of focused thought, clear intent and working the universal laws to act in the certain way and achieve every desired growth in my professional and personal life.
Subsequently I worked with the best of the best, with fantastic financial rewards, moved to the countries I desired, healed health conditions, strengthened important, delicate relationships, got my kids to get to the best educational institutes at every step and lived the life I/we desired.
And at the very top of my corporate career, I moved out to empower all those who desire more but feel stuck and overwhelmed, so that they may live to their fullest potential. I use the exact same process for you to create a life of time and financial freedom.
If you are someone who wants more from life, but isn’t sure how to get it, I invite you to explore this path which has helped countless people around the world achieve goals they never dreamt were possible !
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