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12-14th October
5PM DXB, 6:30PM, 2PM BST
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Calling all career-driven individuals and ambitious business owners! Are you working hard on your goals, pouring in hours of work, yet that desired growth in business/promotion to the next level, eludes you, leaving you frustrated and in burnout ?

It’s time to stop doing more of the same

Your current mindset, which controls your efforts, is programmed to give current results. More such effort will only produce more such results.
Your mediocre results have nothing to do with your capability but everything to do with your mental conditioning, which is locked at your current results.
But despair not, you can change the story by working with simple yet very effective practices which will help you radically improve results, minus the struggle.
Focus on creating a mindset that works on the next level of your goals. That’s what you need to get there. It’s time to change the old programming and rewrite your story. start is a new mindset, not a new place
Join me for a transformative 3-day masterclass, where we’ll shift from small, incremental growth to those massive quantum leaps you’ve been desiring for so long. Let’s embark on a journey from “Small Steps to Big Leaps.”

What Our Client Say's

Well! Thank you for your generous time of coaching and encouragement. Frankly I was not much of a follower of this kind. Yet your sessions have generated interest and I hope to speak with you soon personally - I will take an appointment on WhatsApp. Attached is my diary of the 2 sessions.
Lubna Faqih
After this session I now know I have no clarity and not having single minded focus and that I lack discipline and consistency in achieving my goals be it losing weight stop over thinking not forgiving myself to the regrets that I have.
Harkiran Singha
You have really enlightened me to many aspects and made me understand many things Thanks once again ma'am truly grateful I'm happy and feel lucky to found your page at a time I need your guidance the most.
Shikha Shrudhar

It all starts with a meaningful conversation

Transformation begins with a meaningful conversation – a space where insights are ignited and possibilities unfold.

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