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Don’t go through life wishing and hoping. Decide on what you want the most and then pour your heart and soul into it
Through The Years..

I started out in 2001 as a young doc in a Govt hospital, moving to being a junior resident in Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, at Fortis hospital, Mohali in 2005.

In 2007 I made a choice that changed my life, and it wasn’t an easy choice.
I moved from medicine to healthcare management, wanting to make a bigger impact.

I put my heart & soul into it, worked hard and grew fast.
10 incredible years later, I had done everything from operations to projects, quality, operating systems, organizational culture, holding positions at unit, regional and country level. I was successful.

However, there were also feelings of disappointment with some aspects of work & people.
I wanted Success With Happiness.

This is where my association with studying the power of the mind started, followed by my first powerful manifestation using the power of conscious and subconscious mind – I got the change I wanted and joined the iconic Indian School of Business, as Associate Director for Max Institute of Healthcare Management in 2015, and we went on to launch one of India’s best top courses in Healthcare management.

In 2017 we decided to move to Dubai.
By now I was fully practicing the power of the mind :
Building desire, setting big goals, focusing thought and aligning action, and, it was working.
My career was headed north.

I joined Medcare Hospitals & Clinics, a premium chain, as Head of Service Excellence. A year and a half later I moved to Aster Dm Healthcare, as Head of Service Excellence for GCC countries.

And in Dec 2019 I joined the UAE giant Mubadala Health as Director Patient Experience.
It was pretty much as high as one would want to go in corporate healthcare this side of the world.
My corporate career looked like a dream run. The last 10 years, I felt I had collapsed time!

The Shift

Along the way I saw something .. If I set my mind on something, I will get it, no matter what, as long as I did the work and stuck to my belief with faith.

In my move to ISB, I knew I had created the opportunity.
It got me hooked on the power of the mind. It was a formula for success’.
When the move to Dubai came up, I intentionally used it and it worked!

A rank stranger to this amazing city, I charted out what I wanted in my mind, and got exactly that and more.
I knew I was using a power, and it was blowing my mind.
Thereafter I ticked off all my boxes of desired success- great roles, great organizations, great salaries, what have you.

Not that there were no challenges. There were, but I had found a way of dealing with them.
There were many moments of stress, of difficult, toxic work culture at times, difficult colleagues, long hours, poor work life balance, but also the ambition, desire for better and the ‘knowing’ that it was possible.

I saw people struggle to achieve desired success and many adopt means which caused them and those around them a fair amount of harm.
So many goals came at the cost of peace, health, family, relationships, in fact at the cost of everything that they were working for!

I was now formally studying the science of the mind, mentoring with masters like Bob Proctor and many more.I was delving deep into:
How people think
Why they behave as they do ?
What pushes them to do their best ?
What holds them back?

And at the very top of my corporate career, I moved naturally into personal growth and success coaching, with the aim of helping people create businesses, careers and lives they love, on their own terms, using their own power, minus the burnout and stress.

My Passion Today

The years taught me much. About people, desire, success, heartache, burnout, happiness and the prevalent lack of it.
Above all, I discovered my true self: Who am I? What makes me happy? How do I get to what I want ? And how can I help others with this…

My work centres around calming down, creating a clear vision and taking persistent,focused action towards it without being influenced by the outside world.

I believe that the world truly is created within. To experience anything in my physical reality, I must first create it in my mind, hold it there with unwavering faith and act on it with faith, irrespective of the current reality, and it will become my reality.

And I believe that our ability to connect with the source that created us and work with it to create our physical reality is the surest path to our happiest, grandest lives. This is my work.

It starts with a meaningful conversation

Transformation begins with a meaningful conversation – a space where insights are ignited and possibilities unfold.

    Right thought is mastery

    calm focus is power

    mindset is everything

    Clarity of desire

    Client Testimonials

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    Alice Wayne
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    Alice Wayne
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    Alice Wayne
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